Slime Speaks


Halloween SlimeFEST

'We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Halloween 🎃 Slimeology event! How wonderful. My little one thoroughly enjoyed the activities and learning how to make slime. Camryn's Slime Shoppe is an awesome experience for kids and parents alike! Great Job!

K. W., NC

Butter Slime with Model Magic

'K' loves the slime! She says the slime is amazing and it doesn't stick to her hands. Amazing job!! Thanks again!!

K & H McAfee, NC

Back2School Clear Slime and 

Custom Butter Slime

So satisfying!

It feels like you are at a Slime spa. You just put your fingers into the slime and relax. 

The slime is Hanes kid approved.

Hanes Kids, GA

Butter Slime with Model Magic - Purple Rain

Very Calming

I think it is better than Play-doh

Has a fresh scent, smells like lavender

Dericka O., MD



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